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My poor pooch had a couple of fleas on her this summer (never had this issue before) and I needed a way to bathe her and kill the fleas without causing skin.
Fleas can be a nuisance that attack your pets and can quickly move in and pollute your living quarters as well.
Fleas and ticks feed off the blood of warm-blooded mammals, including pets.

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Do think Brewers yeast will do the same thing? Should you bathe your dog after the lemon solution sits on it for a while? Before using on your pet. Do the dogs usually like the flavor?

This time we order from local pet store that deals with homopath medicines and herbs. Any info anyone might know on the HW holistic remedy and the oils question is very appreciated. I would like to believe it works but my husband is not a believer. I have organic raw coconut oil in hand, sprayscathomemade homemade flea spraysasp. Fleas and ticks feed off the blood of warm-blooded mammals, including pets. He had to stay there a couple days. HELP, I am desperate! Would you like to attach a photo to your submission? Do not do this more often than once a month because of easy skin irritation. Put mixture into bottle and fill the paw print pans. His sweet bride groom magazine just could not stop itching. I recently stumbled across your blog via Pinterest. Gather four to five pieces of citrus fruit oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes. Please research everything for yourselves, spend hours before you decide what to use on your pets and in your house. As blue Dawn works good alone, here is another mixture you can use. Do you have any suggestions for natural cleaners for the dog house?

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We are highly considering switching him over to an all-natural tick and flea spray along with your treats. I let my dog smell it before i put it on her!! Thanks for the information. I always recommend people at least try natural treatments before resorting to chemicals. We have a mini aussipoo and she is having issues with eye buggers and tear staining. My cat could of gotten them too but I Carried my dog right into the shower as soon as I spotted them and thankfully we never got infested with those pesky fleas! Mayweather was practically doing flips when he got out of the tub! I pre-order mine from Arbico Organics to ensure their arrival in early spring.