Discussion weeing during night

discussion weeing during night

somewhere in the night and see if I don't have to urinate so much You mention urinating at night. DP is discussed at length on this forum.
If you need to wake up several times in the night to urinate, you may be alcohol and caffeine may also help, as can urinating before you go to bed. Talk to your doctor to discuss which lifestyle changes and treatment.
Discussion in 'Diabetes Discussions ' started by Kaha, Nov 3, May be I should stop drinking water to avoid additional urinating . The only times I've experienced the need to get up in the night has been caused by very high levels..

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As soon as I get back into bed, my body tells me again that I have to urinate. However mine only started after getting back from Holiday at the start of April. It's also easy to get disoriented if you have no light on, which might contribute to the problem. Eventually I started to feel better but throughout the night I woke frequently, concerned about my heart, probably thinking about it too much. Please use this section to discuss how you carefully control and manage your Diabetes. It can be useful to maintain a diary for a few days, recording what you drink and how much, along with how often you go to the toilet. I have had similar episodes several times, always under exactly the same circumstances. This helped enough for me to return to bed after a few minutes, although I still felt very weak and faint.

discussion weeing during night

During sleep time, your body produces less urine that is more concentrated. The Amount Of Urine Is Alot. I thought maybe i had that. I go a lot due to my fibromyalgia and pills for high blood pressure one being a direct diuretic and the other partially working the same way. The good news in all this, is that there are very successfull treatments that work for this type of problem. However, I had also gone through anxiety years ago and i have been a bad sleeper for a long time. This is a common symptom of high blood glaucose. Normally I do not need to wee in the night, but if I drink green herbal tea at bedtime, it makes me need to wee. Our kidneys flush the urine into the bladder constantly, not in spurts. Nocturia is most common among older adults, but it can occur at any age. Read more about what causes it and how to treat. Treatment for nocturia can sometimes include medication, video geil pervers wirklich extreme gruppen party as anticholinergic drugs, which help lessen the symptoms of an overactive bladder, or desmopressin, which causes your kidneys to produce less urine. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. I did not black out and never have actually lost consciousness, probably because I have always reacted instinctively at the first signs of faintness by laying down and getting blood into my head by lowering it. Third Party materials included herein protected under copyright law, "discussion weeing during night".

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I understand that increase in frequency of urination is common to diabetic patients. If you black out you will probably fall and you could hit your head on something and suffer a serious injury or even death. So i try to hold something like the wall as a support, until i finish urinating. Sent from my iPhone. Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve bladder control.